Rally for Cuba: strong demands for an end to the US blockade #SolidaridadVsBloqueo

On the weekend, for the second time, December 17, 2014 was celebrated, when the presidents of Cuba, Raúl Castro, and the US, Barack Obama, told the world that both governments had begun a rapprochement process and continue to improve relations. Despite some improvements, the US blockade against Cuba still exists. Its extraterritorial effects have been pushed during the last years and demand more victims than ever before in Germany. These include horrendous punitive payments to the US – because of trade contacts with Cuba. Thus German bank “Commerzbank” was set up on the same day mentioned above to pay 650 million US$ to the U.S.! The US is thus pushing all people in all countries into fear about having any economic contacts with Cuba. The USA is therefore disturbing world peace and strangulating the entire Cuban people.

Therefore, on Dec. 17 people in many countries in the world took action against the US-blockade, which is overdue and called for by the UN General Assembly for many years.

Also in Berlin (Germany) rallies took place, one of the NETWORK CUBA: in the photo are representatives of different Cuba solidarity groups in front of the US Embassy at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The picture of the results of the reconciliation can be seen in the recent UN General Assembly: 191 nations voted for an end to the US blockade (and there were only two abstentions, no counter-votes). Also in front of the Berlin Congress Center, there was a demonstration at the conference of the European Left Party, with leading delegates representing European countries. Juan Valdés, from the Communist Party of Cuba, thanked all participants for their active solidarity with socialist Cuba. At the same time, the association of Cubans living in Germany met in Berlin for a solidarity meeting.

The unanimous call: the US must stop its blockade against Cuba immediately!

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